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cta5009k.jpg (155k)
5000-series prototype car 5009 leads an 8-car Brown Line train heading toward Kimball on December 23, 2010, on an express run and passing through Montrose without stopping. As a result, the train is displaying "Express" destination sign readings and its front marker lights are flashing white-white. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5007b.jpg (173k)
Passengers are bathed in the morning sunlight in 5000-series prototype car 5007, as it travels over the throat of the Ogilvie commuter rail terminal on its way to 54th/Cermak on an outbound Pink Line run on December 29, 2010. Despite more room and the addition of stanchions and hangings straps for standees, with the morning rush period over there is ample room for riders to sit. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5009l.jpg (203k)
Assigned to the Pink Line, car 5009 leads a rush period 54th/Cermak train entering State/Lake station, seen looking west from the Outer Loop platform on January 4, 2011. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5009m.jpg (189k)
Leading Pink Line Run 301, car 5009 leads a train of 5000-series prototype cars back to 54th/Cermak, stopping at Clinton station on January 4, 2011. Because the front destination sign is smaller than the ones on the side, longer readings like "54/Cermak" are smaller and split onto two lines on the front signs, whereas they are larger and on one line in the side signs. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5007c.jpg (184k)
On their first day of assignment to the Purple Line, car 5007 leads a 6-car train of 5000-series prototype cars pulling into Quincy station on January 17, 2011. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5007d.jpg (179k)
Car 5007 leads a rush period Purple Line Express Run 506, stopping at Quincy on Monday morning, January 17, 2011, on its way back to Linden. It is snowing, leaving a light dusting of flakes on the platforms and footwalk. Note that because of their different sizes and space availabilities, the front LED destination sign is smaller text and in all capital letters, while the side digital destination signs have larger text in mixed-case resembling Helvetica, a closer representation of the graphics on the older cars. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5000s01.jpg (98k)
A pair of prototype 5000-series cars works the Yellow Line in the late afternoon of February 1, 2011, battling driving snow as the train approaches Kostner Avenue on its way back to Howard. The snow would eventually accumulate to approximately 21 inches, and although most of the "L" would stay running through and after the blizzard, Yellow Line service was annulled on February 2 due to blowing snow and substantial drifts that accumulated on the ground-level right-of-way. (Photo by Bob Bresse-Rodenkirk)
cta5012g.jpg (198k)
A Loop-bound Purple Line Express train of prototype 5000-series cars, led by unit 5012, plows through the heavy snows left by the Blizzard of 2011 and it crosses Isabella Street, looking north on February 2, 2011. Linden Yard is visible in the background. (Photo by Bob Bresse-Rodenkirk)
cta5009n.jpg (202k)
Following a severe blizzard that left an average of about 21 inches of snowfall on the ground, Yellow Line service was annulled on February 2-3, resuming on February 4, 2011. With more snow and freezing temperatures in the following days, the snow stuck around for a while, not only on the ground but caked to the railcars as well, as evidenced by car 5009's front chains, sill, and anti-climber as it leads a Skokie-bound train crossing Niles Center Road on February 6, 2011. (Photo by Bob Bresse-Rodenkirk)
cta5055a.jpg (229k)
Car 5055 leads a 4-car Pink Line train on the 5000-series cars' first post-testing in-service passenger trip, pulling into Clinton station on November 8, 2011. The 5000-series cars had their official debut earlier that day at a press event at Midway attended by Chicago Mayor Emanuel and CTA President Claypool, among other dignitaries. This first revenue service trip is comprised of half of the 8-car train used for the dedication event. (Photo by Graham Garfield)