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cta2645.jpg (110k)

Car 2645 leads a six-car train of 2600-series cars heading southbound through Tower 12 (Wabash/Van Buren) on a Lake-Dan Ryan All-Stop run on September 23, 1991. (Photo by Art Peterson)

cta2600s02.gif (17k)

Today, the High Performance Family of cars dominate the CTA fleet. Here, a 2600-series, a member of this family (which consists of the 2000- through 3200-series cars) travels through the Loop. The High Performance Family (specifically the 2000s) were the first family of cars to be outfitted with air conditioning.

cta3133.jpg (62k)

Car 3133 is parked in the 54th Avenue Yard on March 28, 1998. It is displaying a destination sign for Ford City, the original planned terminal for the Orange Line that has not yet been built. The 2600-series train behind is showing a sign for the O'Hare run. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2600s03.jpg (103k)

A Ravenswood six-car 2600-series train approaches Paulina in fall 1992. Only a few years after the picture was taken, the 2600s would be taken off the Ravenswood and the whole line would be run with all-new 3200-series cars, the first time in history the Ravenswood would be run not only with all the same type of equipment, but all of it brand new! (Photo by Roberto Ayala)

cta2640.jpg (72k)

Rehabbed 2600-series car 2640 trails a Red Line train on the southbound Howard station platform in May 1999. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta3408.jpg (59k)

This photo looks east at the Clark/Lake station on March 10, 1999. Car 3408 heads up a six-car Brown Line train headed for Kimball while 2826 brings up the rear of a six-car Purple Line Express train beginning its trip around the Loop before returning to Howard and Linden. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta6656-2600s.jpg (81k)

Car 6656 and a train of 2600-series cars pass each other just west of Paulina. Nothing in this photo remains here today: the 6000-series cars have been retired (with 6656 going to IRM) and the 2600s are on the Red and Blue Lines, with 3200s now totally equipping the Ravenswood; the old shepherd's crook station platform lights have been replaced with sodium vapor "shoe box" lights on straighter poles. This picture dates from November of 1991. (Photo by Roberto Ayala)

cta2876.jpg (36k)

Car 2876 leads a four-car O'Hare-Douglas All-Stop train heading east toward the Loop. The O'Hare extension from River Road to the airport is newly opened in this 1984 view; the car itself is also quite new at this point. One of the airport taxiways, seen here, actually goes over the I-190/CTA right-of-way. (Photo by CTA)

cta2638.jpg (32k)

Car 2638 is one of the newly-rehabbed 2600-series cars. Noticeable changes to the cars include the plain aluminum sides - the only decal being the black cta logo at the #1 end - and gray end cap, hopper windows (confined to the first and last side windows), and roof-mounted rain gutters. Unit 2637-2638 is seen on a test run on January 27, 1999, which took it around the system from Skokie Shops to Midway terminal, via Ashland/63, East 63rd, and Harlem/Lake. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

cta2930.jpg (68k)

Car 2930 leads a Red Line train stopped at Howard Street in December of 1998. The car still bears it's old Spirit of Chicago paint scheme; the destination sign indicates that it is a southbound train. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)