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cta2898b.jpg (122k)
2600-series car 2898 will be at the head of the CTA® Santa's Express holiday train when it leaves 95th/Dan Ryan for its trip north on the Red Line, looking northeast on December 9, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2836.jpg (106k)
A six-car Evanston Shuttle train, led by car 2836, pulls into Dempster station on its way to Howard, looking north on November 17, 2002. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2772.jpg (123k)
Car 2772 is at the rear of the northbound Purple Line train leaving Main station, looking north on November 17, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2710.jpg (95k)
Newly-delivered 2600-series car 2710, replete with its mint Spirit of Chicago paint scheme and matching destination sign, is at Harlem station on February 26, 1983, one day before the start of service on the River Road extension of the West-Northwest Route. (Photo by Jeff Obarek)

cta2689.jpg (109k)
Purple Line run 501 is led by car 2689, and is manned by both an operator and a conductor, as it makes a station stop at Noyes on November 17, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

ROW@MarshallBlvd02.jpg (68k)
The ornamental Marshall Boulevard crossing on the Douglas branch of the Blue Line with a train of rehabbed 2600s, looking northwest in Spring 2001. (Photo by John Smatlak)

cta3019a.jpg (145k)
Car 3019, seen at UIC-Halsted on June 6, 2002, has a new vinyl car side ad, similar to those used on buses, for the Park District's summer programs. 3019's mate, car 3020, doesn't have ads on its sides, however. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2889.jpg (54k)
Amazement is clearly seen on the faces of passengers waiting to board a southbound Red Line train of rehabbed 2600s cars at Howard when the CTA's® 1920s vintage Historic Cars announced their presence with a hiss of air brakes. (Photo by David Harrison)

cta2641.jpg (96k)
A train of rehabbed 2600s leaves Belmont, heading northbound toward Howard in January 2001. The north end of the this long 8-car train has already reached the first switch of Clark Junction before the last car has even cleared the northbound station platform. (Photo by Paul McAleer)

cta3187.jpg (94k)
One of the few sets of unrehabbed 2600s left on the system at the time, car 3187 brings up the rear of an 8-car Blue Line train heading for 54/Cermak as it leaves Western station on the Douglas branch on October 29, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)