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cta2863-64-CoastGaurd.jpg (161k)
The U.S. Coast Guard & Coast Guard Reserve wrapped one 2600-series Red Line unit for recruiting purposes. Cars 2863-2864, seen at Belmont on February 2, 2004, featured a white background with oversize gray "USCG" lettering in the background, red and blue bands, and various Coast Guard insignia and information. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2997-98-Altoids.jpg (170k)
After an absence of several years, Altoids returned with a new advertising wrap, marketing their new chewy mints. Seen at Western on the Brown Line on June 18, 2004, cars 2997-2998 featured a light green background, images of Altoid tins, and the tagline pun "Chew-Chew" in red letters. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2800-2799-CTAfunding.jpg (157k)
In 2005, the CTA® began a concerted campaign to lobby for reformed transit funding. The campaign included car cards inside railcars and buses, billboards, a web site, and exterior railcar ads. Cars 2800-2799 feature the ads, which lobby the public to "Fight Congestion. Support transit." and provide the campaign web site, keepchicagolandmoving.com, at Belmont on February 21, 2005. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2600-CTAlogo-IWill.jpg (93k)
After the 2600-series railcars went through their mid-life overhaul in the late 1990s and early 2000s, their exterior paint scheme was stripped and the exteriors were left polished metal. The "Spirit of Chicago" emblem below the motorcab windows was removed in favor of a (then-current) CTA® logo. However, as this 2005 photo shows, after being on the cars for years, the mark of the Spirit logo can still be discerned on many car sides. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2863-64-iPod.jpg (192k)
2600-series unit 2863-64, sitting in the yard at Skokie Shops on August 28, 2005, show the complete sequence of iPod exterior ads from the 2005 campaign. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2969-United.jpg (170k)
In September, two units were wrapped for United Airlines: cars 2969-70 on the Purple Line and 3133-34 on the Blue Line. The cars advertised the additional leg room on United planes with a cartoon of a man whose legs extended across both cars of the two-car unit. Car 2969, one half of the Purple Line cars, is seen at Howard on September 29, 2005. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2970-United.jpg (180k)
The other half of the United Airlines Purple Line ad wrap unit is seen at Howard on September 29, 2005 on car 2970. The cartoon man's long legs end and the middle and right end of the graphic feature United's logo and tagline. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3024-23-AmEx.jpg (200k)
The American Express credit card wrapped on unit o the Red Line and one on the Blue Line. The cars had a "busy" graphic scheme, with a black background, various items one can buy, and a colored band under the side windows. The Blue Line cars, 3024-25, are at 54/Cermak terminal on October 12, 2005. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2999-ChicagoMarathon.jpg (200k)
For many years, the Chicago Marathon, now sponsored by LaSalle Bank, would wrap one car (usually on the Brown Line) to advertise the annual marathon. Brown Line car 2999 is wrapped for the 2005 marathon at Diversey on September 3, 2005. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2894-holiday05a.jpg (210k)
The CTA's® Holiday Train, a perennial favorite of Chicago children and adults alike, is embellished a little more every year. Put together with volunteer labor and staffed by volunteer CTA® employees, the train travels to different lines throughout late November and December each year. The 2005 Holiday Train is on a layover at Midway terminal on December 18, 2005. (Photo by Graham Garfield)