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cta2633-FootLocker.jpg (177k)
Car 2633, stopped on a southbound trip at Belmont on July 21, 2003, is one of several Red Line cars to carry the Foot Locker car side ad, many of which were applied after the All-Star Game that is featured in the ad. The left two-thirds of the ad's width is a photo of a baseball stadium field's sidewall at the 475 foot mark, with a person in a referee's uniform changing the wall with white paint to read, "4,750 FT. To Foot Locker". A circular All-Star Game logo is above and to the right. The right third of the ad has a white background with products connected to the All-Star Game, including a t-shirt, two jerseys, and two baseball caps. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2784-RCN.jpg (203k)
Car 2784 leads the first four cars, with RCN car side ads, of an eight car Red Line train passing Armitage southbound on June 19, 2003. The three different RCN ads have a uniform format with the details varying from ad to ad. Each has a photo on the left side (ostensibly) of a RCN employee, with their name and job title in small white text near the bottom of the photo. The rest of the ad has a red background. About a third of the way down from the top is a maroon band with a tagline (different on each of the three ads) in white lettering. Below that is the phrase, "Get Cable TV, Phone and Internet in one bundle." in smaller white letters. Finally, just a few inches up from the bottom of the ad is an orange/yellow stripe with, "Call 1.800.RING.RCN" in white letters on the left and a white RCN logo on the right. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2787-RCN.jpg (185k)
Car 2787, breezing past "local" stop Armitage while heading south on the Red Line on June 19, 2003, is sporting an RCN car side ad on its motorcab side. RCN Direct Sales Representative Cherilyn R. is telling potential clients that, "There's strength in numbers." (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2955-pork.jpg (188k)
cta2701-pork.jpg (138k)
cta2702-pork.jpg (136k)
National Pork Board's series of eight different catchy, pithy, and sometimes just downright quirky ads for "the other white meat" saturated the Red Line in the summer of 2003. The ads had a buff/pale yellow background and across the width of each ad is a tagline in large black letters, which is different on each of the eight different versions. Below that was a National Pork Board logo, the motto "The Other White Meat." in black letters to the right of the logo, and "Illinois Pork Producers" in smaller black letters below the motto. "Small print" wording was located in both the lower left and lower right corners in black lettering.

Above left: Car 2955, part of a southbound Red Line train stopping at Belmont on July 1, 2003, tries to entice increased pork consumption with this little rhyme: "One potato. Two potato. Three potato. Pork." (Photo by Graham Garfield)

Center left: While boarding and alighting passengers northbound at Belmont on July 3, 2003, car 2701 boldly states on a non-cab side ad: "Barbecue... it's a pork thing." (Photo by Graham Garfield)

Below left: Immediately behind the above ad, car 2702 invites waiting riders to, "Go ahead, make my pork chop. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2718.jpg (94k)
After pulling around the Howard loop track, as the train on the right is preparing to do, a Red Line train of 2600s, led by car 2718, is pulling into the southbound platform at Howard to load passengers for the trip to 95th/Dan Ryan on July 2, 2003. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta3179-target.jpg (116k)
Target stores' fourth ad wrap, applied in Summer 2003, was seen on 24 cars spread across three lines. The design, with its white background and figures rendered in red halftones wearing clothes with the Target logo, is seen on Blue Line car 3179, bringing up the rear of a northbound train that has pulled into O'Hare Terminal on July 2, 2003. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta2842-Target.jpg (181k)
The smooth sides of the 2600-series cars allow the graphics of the newest Target wrap -- modeled on car 2842 at Belmont on August 15, 2003 -- to come through with a clarity and vibrancy disrupted by the corrugation of their 3200-series brethren in the same wrap. The design has models in red and white clothes with Target logos on a red background. Just in time for Fall, the scene depicts a "wind-swept" theme, with the models appearing to struggle (joyfully, of course) against a hard wind while the clothes flap in the breeze. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2996-ChicagoMarathon.jpg (137k)
Car 2996's motorcab side sports the "Be One in a Million" car side ad for the Chicago Marathon, seen heading downtown at Wellington on October 4, 2003. The ad has a "26.2 Curb Crew" logo on the left side and on the right side is a photo of someone on the sidelines holding up a sign. In between, along the top, is the tagline "Be One in a Million!" in white letters. Below that is some small print, then "26.2 Curb Crew", both in purple. Below that is more small print in white letters, with three sponsor logos along he bottom of the ad. (Photo by Graham Garfield)