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cta2894.jpg (60k)

This view of the CTA's Holiday Train looks east at 2600-series car 2894 in the north pocket track at the Ashland/63 terminal on December 16, 2000. The CTA sent the six cars normally used on the Holiday Train to Alstom out of sequence for rehab so they'd be ready for use in this year's train. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta2898.jpg (60k)

Car 2898 leads one end of the 2000 Holiday Train, looking west at Ashland/63 on December 16th. This year, the Holiday Train was made up entirely of rebuilt 2600s, whose unpainted metal exterior made for a cleaner, less cluttered background to the holiday decorations on the car. (Photo by Sean Gash)

UIC-halsted04.jpg (69k)

An O'Hare-bound Blue Line train pulls into UIC-Halsted on June 13, 2001, led by a two-car unit of 2600s, followed by sets of 2200s. Their paint removed, the rehabbed 2600s aesthetically trainline well with the old 2200s. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cottagegrove-HolidayTrain.jpg (70k)

The CTA's Holiday Train visits the Green Line on December 16, 2000, looking east on the outbound platform at Cottage Grove-East 63rd. The Holiday Train consists of a CTA flat car decorated with a Santa sleigh, elf workshop, and copious amounts of lights, between sets of decorated rehabbed 2600-series cars. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2677.jpg (88k)

Car 2677 trails a southbound Red Line train as it pulls out of Berwyn station on its way to 95th/Dan Ryan on September 26, 1999. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2858c.jpg (103k)

Pulling south out of South Boulevard. heading to Howard to complete its run, car 2858 is at the rear of a Purple Line Shuttle train on September 26, 1999. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2611b.jpg (100k)

Rocketing past the "local" station at Armitage, a southbound Red Line train led by car 2611 heads toward the State Street Subway portal on track 2 on June 10, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2644.jpg (84k)

Car 2644 trails a Red Line train stopping on the inner "express" tracks at Sheridan -- with its dual island platforms for express/local service -- on August 22, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2646b.jpg (69k)

Leaving Sheridan station on its way downtown, car 2646 is on the back of a southbound Red Line of rehabbed 2600-series cars on August 22, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2655.jpg (86k)

Descending down into the State Street Subway for the trip through downtown, an 8-car Red Line train of 2600s is trailed by car 2655 on June 10, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)