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cta2402e.jpg (175k)
This was one of several official company photos taken in 1976 of the then-brand new 2400-series cars. This view of prototype unit 2401-02, with car 2402 nearest the camera, looking northeast on the Lake Street bridge over the approach tracks to Union Station near the Chicago River. The Merchandise Mart, home of the CTA headquarters at the time, is visible in the background on the left. The blonde-haired child in the front side window is one Chris Pankonen, 5-year old child of a CTA employee and contributor of the photo. (CTA photo, Chris Pankonen Collection)

cta2551.jpg (197k)
By the Spring of 2006, as the CTA continues to change its railcar fleet to all silver/gray exterior, relatively few 2400-series cars remained with red, white, and blue end caps and belt rails. On April 12, 2006, cars 2551-52, seen passing Madison/Wabash northbound, were chosen specifically for a charter run for railfan David Harrison because they still retained this increasingly-rare livery. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2511.jpg (152k)
Car 2511, standing in the north pocket at Ashland/63 terminal on April 12, 2006, displays the CTA's current livery for all series of railcars: plain stainless steel sides, matching gray end caps, and the new CTA "dot" logo under the motorcab window at the #1 of the carside. Note the silver exterior with gray end cap and new logo. Note the new outside signal sights (OSLs) retrofit onto the exterior next to the #2 door: a white light (signifying battery failure) and green light (signifying use of the low-speed interlock bypass). The 2400s didn't originally have these OSLs. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2538.jpg (214k)
A six-car Green Line train trailed by car 2538 leaves Ashland/63 on its way to Harlem/Lake, seen looking east from Ashland Tower, on April 12, 2006. On its way east on the Ashland (Englewood) branch, the train will first pass by Ashland Yard, visible on the right. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2552.jpg (161k)
A 2-car charter train, led by 2552, is berthed at Dempster station on the Yellow Line on April 12, 2006. The operator, 2005 CTA Rail Rodeo winner Michael Sheehan, is checking the side of the train as passengers alight before closing the sidedoors. The trip out to Skokie with these 2400-series cars would not have been possible two years earlier, when there was no third rail this far out. (Photo by William Davidson)

cta2552b.jpg (198k)
Car 2552, the lead car on a 2-car charter train, is stopped on Track 4 at Sheridan on April 12, 2006 for photos. The charter had this section of Track 4, used by Purple Line Express trains during weekday rush hours, all to itself during the midday period. (Photo by William Davidson)

cta2552c.jpg (234k)
At the end of its systemwide tour, from 63rd Street on the south to Linden and Skokie on the north, traveling via both Loop and subway, charter train 2552-51 sits at Ashland/63rd terminal on the afternoon of April 12, 2006. (Photo by William Davidson)

cta2465.jpg (145k)
Car 2465 is bringing up the rear of a 4-car Green Line train heading to Cottage Grove, stopping at a Loop station on the last weekend of September, 2008. What is unusual is where it is stopping -- Washington/Wells, a station not normally served by the Green Line. During most weekends in late 2008, the Lake and Wabash sides of the Loop were closed and trains rerouted for track renewal. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)

cta2571-72.jpg (119k)
2400-series cars 2571-72, in their original paint scheme, are bringing up the rear of a Lake-Dan Ryan train departing Oak Park station, looking northeast in the Fall of 1985. (Photo by Tarey Potter)

cta2439-40.jpg (108k)
Boeing cars 2439-40 lead an inbound Lake-Dan Ryan train departing Oak Park station in the Summer of 1986 as the station passes the Euclid Avenue station house. The missing letters in the entrance name on the wall convey the dilapidated state of the Euclid facility, which by this time was functioning as an auxiliary exit only. (Photo by Tarey Potter)