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cta2442.jpg (62k)
Car 2442 is inside the Skokie Shops in May of 1998. (Photo by Eric Zabelny )

cta2496.jpg (77k)
Car 2496 leads train of 2400-series cars approaching State/Lake on the Loop in January 2000. The cars are destined for Harlem/Lake, having come from Ashland/63. (Photo by Eric Zabelny )

cta2430.jpg (98k)
2400-series car 2430 leads a train at Harlem/Lake on the Green Line in February of 1999. (Photo by Eric Zabelny )

cta2420.jpg (65k)
2400-series work-capable motor car 2420 leads a six-car Green Line train bound for Oak Park on April 3, 1998 as the consist approaches the Adams/Wabash station. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta2513.jpg (40k)
Car 2513 waits at the rear of a Red Line train loading passengers at Howard for the trip south to the Loop and 95th Street on February 19, 2000. (Photo by Jack S. and Chris L.)

cta2402d.jpg (101k)
Car 2402 brings up the rear of a Ravenswood "A" train waiting to depart from Kimball terminal on May 26, 1978, only four years after the new station opened. The shop and lay-up track platform on the left are still just temporary. (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2403.jpg (132k)
Still undergoing testing at Boeing-Vertol, 2403-2404 (complete with detachable pantograph) are on the test track at their Philadelphia, PA factory on July 30, 1976. (Photo by Gerald H. Landau, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2403b.jpg (156k)
Car 2403 leads a two-car northbound Ravenswood All-Stop at Francisco on August 14, 1978. The motorman is wearing the gray CTA uniform of the 1970s. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2404.jpg (157k)
Caught in a bird's eye view from the adjacent 61st Street Shops, a four-car train of the first four 2400s lead by 2404 stops at 61st Street on the Jackson Park branch as part of its 600-hour revenue service test on October 31, 1976. Not actually assigned to the North-South Route, it still bears its "Spirit of Chicago" destination signs. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)