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cta2423b.jpg (104k)
Starting in Fall 2003, the 2400-series railcars began losing their red, white, and blue belt rail striping, as well as the red and blue panels on their sculpted end caps, bringing the 2400s' aesthetic into synch with the rest of the passenger fleet, which was all plain stainless. Car 2423 is in the middle of an outbound Green Line train leaving Clinton on the evening of November 13, 2003 as it shows its newly-unadorned sides. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2436-BlueLight.jpg (126k)
To increase passenger safety, the CTA embarked on a project in early 2004 to retrofit its rail cars will a blue overhead light that calls out the location of the intercom in the passenger cabins of its rail cars. On the 2400-series cars, the light is inside the backlit car card racks that light the car interiors. These have one intercom in one unit of each married-pair but have two in the other unit. As on the other cars, at least one is always on the back wall of the motorman's cab. But in the unit with the second call button, the second intercom is located near the #2 end of the car, on the side wall next to the wheelchair location, as seen here on car 2436 on March 3, 2004. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2401c.jpg (155k)
During their first months on the system, cars 2401-2402 (the prototypes for the 2400-series) spent time on almost every line "stretching their legs" so to speak. Here, car 2401 brings up the rear of a 4-car train of 2400s at Armitage on October 31, 1976. (Photo by J. Terrell Colson)

cta2400s@Belmont_night01.jpg (131k)
A work train of 2400-series cars with a flatbed car in the middle is pulling into Belmont station late at night on January 28, 2005. Note that, in addition to the "Not in Service" destination sign, both the headlights and taillights are on, as well as two sets of marker lights. This indicates that the train is operating on the train control bypass, not atypical for work trains where the motor cars are separated by a piece of work equipment that cannot be trainlined. (Photo by Tony Coppoletta)

cta2400s@Belmont_night02.jpg (127k)
A lot of activity late night at Belmont: A work train of 2400-series cars with a flatbed car in the middle is on Track 1 while a southbound Red Line train is approaching on Track 2 during owl hours on January 28, 2005. (Photo by Tony Coppoletta)

cta2527-Garnier.jpg (187k)
Car 2527 is seen wrapped for Garnier, operating on an East 63rd Green Line train at Clark/Lake on March 29, 2005. Cars 2527-28 under the Garnier contract are the first 2400s on the system to receive a full-body advertising wrap. Previously, 2400s had only received king-size ad panels. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2527-28-Garnier.jpg (201k)
Peaking out amongst the bare winter trees, the Garnier ad wrapped 2400-series cars, 2527-2528, are in the middle of a southbound Ashland/63rd Green Line consist stopping at 35-Bronzeville-IIT on March 4, 2005. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2401-02_S-601_2409-10.jpg (158k)
Flatcar S-601 is carrying supplies, book-ended by 2400-series work motors 2401-02 and 2409-10, at 33rd Street on the Dan Ryan Line on September 28, 2004. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2554_2584.jpg (182k)
Stored midday in Howard Yard when fewer cars are needed in Purple Line service, cars 2554 and 2584 display the two different 2400-series liveries seen on the system in 2005 side-by-side on August 4 of that year. As the 2400s are cycled through the shops for overhauls, they are stripped of their red, white, and blue belt rails and their end caps painted gray, making them more visually compatible with the rest of the gray/silver unpainted fleet. During the transition, 2400-series cars both colorful and plain could be seen on the system. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2400s_Metra.jpg (224k)
2400-series Green Line trains pass each other between Canal Street and the South Branch of the Chicago River, over the north lead into Union Station, on May 16, 2005 as 100-series locomotive 122 leads a Metra Milwaukee District train of bi-levels outward to the north suburbs. The outbound Green Line cars (left) still bear their side stripes and colored end caps, while the inbound train behind it have been stripped of their colors and are in the plain silver and gray livery. (Photo by Graham Garfield)