Ashland Yard & Racine Shops
Racine Avenue and 63rd Street, Englewood

Service Notes:


Green Line: Ashland branch

Quick Facts:

Address: 6320 S. Racine Avenue
Established: 1906
Other Names: Loomis Yard, Racine Yard
Shop Area: 8,872 square feet
Yard Area: 140,000 square feet
Rebuilt: 1969
Status: In Use, but no car maintenance functions



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Car 6785 (originally car 6327) is seen at Ashland (Racine) Yard on May 23, 1986, shortly before the 6000's were removed from North-South service. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

cta2538.jpg (214k)
A six-car Green Line train trailed by car 2538 leaves Ashland/63 on its way to Harlem/Lake, seen looking east from Ashland Tower, on April 12, 2006. On its way east on the Ashland (Englewood) branch, the train will first pass by Ashland Yard, visible on the right. (Photo by Graham Garfield)