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cta2000s03.jpg (135k)
A 6 car train of the recently delivered 2000-series pose at Central Avenue on the Lake Street Line. This series introduced the mint green and alpine white livery to Chicago's "L". These cars were delivered with an off-white interior with light blue upholstery. Since 1972, they've been dyed black. Cars 2029-2030 were the last cars delivered with this color scheme. The destination signs identify it as being assigned to the Lake B run. (Photo from the CERA Collection)

cta2000Tech.jpg (244k)
Pictured here are the technical schematics for the 2000-series Pullman "L" car. It includes front, rear and side views, interior layout and technical specifications. (Photo from the CERA Collection)

cta1892-1992.jpg (113k)
For the "L"'s centennial, the CTA, led by Bruce Nelson, applied South Side Rapid Transit colors and graphics to Pullman 1964-built cars 2007-2008, renumbering them 1892-1992. Here, they are seen at Diversey in Evanston Express service on September 27, 1992. (Photo by Greg J. Sommers)

cta2148.jpg (58k)
A color shot of a 2000-series train in the original alpine white/mint green scheme, led by 2148, at the original Logan Square in 1968. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta2000s.jpg (58k)
Chicago Transit Authority 2000 series cars on westbound two car Lake B train on the bridge over the C&NW tracks at Clinton Street on December, 1964. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2120.jpg (69k)
A shot of 2120 on a six-car 2000-series train heading into 95th Street in 1973. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta2160.jpg (81k)
Car 2160 leads an 8-car Howard train at Armitage in 1982. The cars are decked out in the platinum and black scheme devised in 1969 to visually integrate the cars with the Budd 2200-series natural aluminum cars. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta2059.jpg (159k)
This picture is of car 2059 leading an 8 car northbound Howard-Jackson Park B train. It is pulling into Belmont. This picture was taken sometime in the fall of 1992, exact date unknown. It was the afternoon rush when this picture was taken, probably around 4-4:30 pm. (Photo by Roberto Ayala)

cta1776.jpg (249k)
On October 10, 1974, 2000-series cars 2175-2176 returned to revenue service as the first Bicentennial car: 1776, the "Ben Franklin". On that day, the train made several ciruits on the Loop Shuttle to show off its new paint scheme. Here, it is seen on the Lake Street Bridge across the South Branch of the Chicago River, heading back to the Harlem Yards.

cta2054.jpg (155k)
In 1972, the 2000-series cars started to be repainted in a platinum and charcoal scheme that closely resembled the natural aluminum of the 2200-series (which they were often apired with in Lake-Dan Ryan service) and which de-emphasized the difference in window size between these two classes. Car 2054 here leads a two-car set of 2000s and a set of 2200s near Skokie Shops in September 1972. (Photo by Walter R. Keevil)