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The Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL was the victim of vandalization on five ex-CTA "L" cars in mid-January 2001. This was the third act of vandalism in a rash of recent hits against IRM. On January 11th, vandals snuck onto IRM property and extensively spray painted and vandalized five CTA rapid transit cars: 5-50 series cars 22, 30, and 41 and 2000-series cars 2153-2154. Car 2153 is seen on April 1, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

2000-series car 2154, one of five cars vandalized at the Illinois Railway Museum in January 2001, is seen one day after most of the graffiti was washed off, one April 1, 2001. Unfortunately, some of the graffiti remained and its attempted removal severely damaged the car's paint scheme. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta2149.jpg (49k)
Cars 2149-2150, a 1964 product of Pullman-Standard, are signed for the Congress-Milwaukee "A" run as they sit in front of the inspection shop at Logan Square in April 1967. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2159-2160.jpg (36k)
2000-series cars 2159-2160 are operating westbound on the Congress-Milwaukee "A" run near the East Avenue entrance to Oak Park station in December, 1965, about one year after the cars came on property. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2123.jpg (33k)
A busy scene at Belmont station: car 2123 leads a southbound Howard-Jackson Park train on the North-South Route, while two 2600-series cars work the Ravenswood Line, stopping on the outside tracks. The view looks north from the overhead transfer bridge in July 1988. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta1892.jpg (34k)
Car 1892, painted to resemble a South Side Rapid Transit wood car circa 1892 for the occasion of the "L"'s 100th anniversary, was occasionally used in revenue service when extra cars were needed. Here, it is leading a six-car train of 2000s nearing Fullerton on a northbound Evanston Express run in August 1992. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta2179.jpg (27k)
Laid up in Linden Yard between runs in July 1988, car 2179's destination sign indicates it was last used on an Evanston Express train. The 2000s made up about a third of the Evanston Line's stock at this time, so it was common to see them in express service; the remainder of the 2000s were assigned to the North-South Route. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta2000s@HowardYard.jpg (46k)
A train of North-South 2000s is completing a trip around the turnaround loop in Howard Yard to begin another southbound journey while another set of 2000s is parked on a storage track at right in July 1988. The yard is under reconstruction: the tracks straight ahead that lead to the Evanston Line will soon be superseded by the new flyover being constructed at left. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta2000s06.jpg (35k)
A North-South train of 2000s is heading north to Howard, looking south from Wellington station in July 1988. Diversey station is in the distance. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta2000s07.jpg (34k)
A set of Pullman 2000s brings up the rear of this Howard-Englewood "A" train on the North Side Main Line near Belmont in July 1988. (Photo by James Raymond)