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cta2000s@Howard.jpg (36k)
A North-South train of 2000-series cars approaches the end of the line at Howard, switching from track 3 to track 4 enter the station, in July 1998. The unusually long platform for track 3 (at left) was built in the early 1960s so that North Shore Line trains and Evanston trains could berth on the same platform, while North-South subway trains were assigned to berth on track 4. Later, Skokie Swift and Evanston trains were assigned to track 3. As time went on, these platform assignments were less strict and were done away with completely in 1991. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta2147-48.jpg (60k)
Pullman-Standard cars 2147-2148 are on westbound in Douglas-Milwaukee "B" service as they leave Kildare station in June, 1966. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2001.jpg (100k)
Car 2001 brings up the rear of an Englewood-Howard "A" train stopped at Belmont while heading south to 63rd Street in 1990. The 2000s have tended to be assigned as one large group, or at most assigned with the majority to one line and a small balance to another. From the mid-1980s to 1993, the bulk of the 2000s were assigned to the North-South Route, with others assigned to West-South (until the late '80s) and Evanston lines. On North-South, they were commonly trainlined with 2600s, as 2001-2002 are here. (Photo by John Smatlak)

cta2005b.jpg (87k)
The newly-arrived 2000-series married-pair 2005-2006 is on the Pulaski Center Track on the Lake Line in June 1964. Note the motorman and instructor or supervisor both visible in the front cab window: The first 2000s have just arrived from Pullman-Standard and are in crew training service at this point, one week before this series of cars entered revenue service. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2175-76.jpg (49k)
2000-series cars 2175-76 are at the front of a westbound 2-car Douglas-Milwaukee "All Stop" train emerging from the Belt Railway viaduct in Cicero on its way to Cicero-Berwyn Terminal in June, 1968. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2084b.jpg (151k)
Car 2084 is at the near end of an 8-car train of 2000-series cars, still in their original paint scheme but already about seven years old, looking south at throat to 98th Yard from 95th Street on July 4, 1971. More 2000s are visible in the background. At the time, all 180 cars in the series were assigned to the Lake-Dan Ryan Line. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

harlem02.jpg (164k)
The interior of Harlem Shops is seen in 1967 with several 2000-series cars up on hoists. The shop was especially designed to maintain these High Performance cars, the first in a modern CTA fleet and the first to be equipped with air conditioning. (CTA Photo, from 1967 CTA Annual Report)

cta2178.jpg (89k)
A two-car Douglas-Milwaukee All-Stop train consisting of Pullman-Standard cars 2177-2178 -- the latter trailing -- are climbing up the ramp to the Douglas branch between the Congress route track just west of Loomis Junction in June 1965. Forty of these cars were assigned to the West-Northwest Route for a few years after delivery before all being assigned to the Lake-Dan Ryan, although their use on the Douglas branch was limited. Note how grass was maintained in the median of the Eisenhower Expressway during the highway's early years. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2011_4145_3146@HamlinYd.jpg (127k)
Three generations of "L" equipment -- from right to left, in order of age, a wood car, a 4000-series car, and a High-Performance Family car -- are lined up at Hamlin Yard in 1964. The three also all ran on the Lake Street Line, the location of Hamlin Yard, at one time or another. At left, Pullman-Standard car 2011 represented a state of the art railcar at the time of the photo. Car 4145, at center, represented the steel cars that had served the line since 1915. At right, car 3146, by then in work service, dated from the earliest days of the Lake Street Elevated Railroad and had served the route from 1893 to 1954. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

cta2154int01.jpg (187k)
The interior of 2000-series car 2154, preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum, sits dusty but otherwise unaltered from the time of its retirement -- with its vinyl-upholstered seats, rows of stanchions, ceiling-mounted air conditioner -- and preserved, seen looking toward the back of the car from the front (#1) end on May 15, 2004. Cars 2153-53 at IRM are one of only two preserved units of the 180-car 2000-series. The other two-car unit, 2007-08, is at CTA as of 2006, although its interior has been slightly modified. (Photo by Graham Garfield)