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Welcome to Chicago "L".org, the internet's largest resource for information on Chicago's rapid transit system!

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Latest Update: February 14, 2020

"L" News Headlines

  • CTA Ridership Drops Nearly 80% as Chicagoans Stay Home [April 2: WTTW Chicago]
  • Transit Union Says CTA Isn't Doing Enough to Protect Bus, Train Drivers [April 2: WTTW Chicago]
  • With Ridership Down 82% During Coronavirus Pandemic, Why Is CTA Running On Normal Schedule? [April 2: CBS Chicago]
  • 3 CTA 'L' Stations to Close This Weekend Amid Modernization Efforts [April 1: WTTW Chicago]
  • CTA workers, riders call for access to testing, safety equipment as COVID-19 concerns rise [April 1: ABC Chicago]
  • Man wanted for robbing 66-year-old woman at Loop Blue Line station [April 1: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Column: Advice for the house-bound: Take a stroll. There's architectural beauty out there. [March 31: Chicago Tribune]
  • Controversy, Concerns Flare Over Photo of Packed CTA Train [March 31: NBC Chicago]
  • Man charged in Red Line train shooting on South Side [March 26: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Chicago police seek to identify suspects in shots fired incident on CTA Red Line train in Chatham [March 26: ABC Chicago]
  • CTA bus, train operators test positive for coronavirus [March 25: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Coronavirus Chicago: CTA bus, rail operators test positive for COVID-19 [March 25: ABC Chicago]
  • CTA Bus Driver, Rail Operator Each Test Positive For Coronavirus [March 24: CBS Chicago]
  • Letter to CTA Riders: Ventra pass credits and account tips during COVID-19 [March 24: CTA press release]
  • Credits for unused CTA passes, $1 Divvy rides. City rolls out discounts to help residents and transportation providers cope with coronavirus. [March 24: Chicago Tribune]
  • Rebates on CTA passes, subsidies for Pace and Divvy rides offered to help residents cope with coronavirus crisis [March 24: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Coronavirus In Chicago: Mass Transit Refunds From CTA, South Shore, Metra [March 24: CBS Chicago]
  • CTA Offers One-Time Credit for Passes Not Used During Coronavirus Pandemic [March 24: NBC Chicago]
  • City of Chicago Provides Financial Relief for Transportation During State's Stay at Home Order [March 24: Chicago Defender]
  • 2 exchange gunfire on Red Line train at 79th Street [March 24: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • CTA joins transit agencies in seeking emergency funds in response to COVID-19 [March 23: CTA press release]
  • Union leaders want protection for 'essential' staff [March 23: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Cops: Man injured during suicide attempt 79th Street Red Line station [March 22: Chicago Tribune]
  • Cashiers. Janitors. CTA employees. While much of the public hunkers down at home amid coronavirus pandemic, some people must still show up for work. [March 21: Chicago Tribune]
  • Drop In CTA Ridership Won't Force Cuts In Chicago Transit Service [March 20: CBS Chicago]
  • Facing steep ridership drops, transit agencies will ask for state, federal help [March 20: Chicago Tribune]
  • Transit systems will feel lingering effects of coronavirus [March 20: Crain's Chicago Business]
  • Man found dead on Blue Line train at O'Hare airport [March 20: ABC Chicago]
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Additional Information

Historic Station Tours: The Chicago Architecture Foundation and the Chicago History Museum provide tours of Chicago's historic rapid transit system, visiting several of Chicago's oldest, most unique, and most architecturally interesting rapid transit facilities, with tours and lectures given at each site. Section also includes information and photos from Chicago-L.org's past tours.

Mishaps and Unusual Occurrences: Described here are some of the accidents, mishaps, and uncustomary circumstances that have befallen the "L".

Frequently Asked Questions: A compilation of common queries.

Vocabulary of the "L": Learn an automatic train signal from a "fool catcher" with our list of vocabulary words and phrases.

Posters and Advertisements: Check out 1920s CRT posters advertising the sights and scenes that Chicagoans could see by taking the elevated and other ads.


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