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Welcome to Chicago "L".org, the internet's largest resource for information on Chicago's rapid transit system!

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Latest Update: September 8, 2021

"L" News Headlines

  • Chicago Transit Board Expands Contracting Opportunities for Local Small Businesses [September 15: CTA press release]
  • CTA's Promotional Fares Help Drive Ridership Increase and Support Return to Transit [September 15: CTA press release]
  • Deep discounts on CTA fare passes have helped fuel pandemic ridership recovery [September 15: Streetsblog Chicago]
  • 'Familiar Faces': Chicago photographer unveils project that salutes CTA workers [September 15: Fox Chicago]
  • Police Seeking To Identify Suspect In Aggravated Blue Line Robbery [September 15: CBS Chicago]
  • Man wanted for robbery at CTA Blue Line station [September 15: Fox Chicago]
  • FBI investigating Red Line assault, ethnic slur against Asian victim as a hate crime [September 15: Chicago Tribune]
  • Police, FBI seek public's help finding man wanted for racial attack at CTA Argyle station [September 14: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • FBI Seeks Suspect In Possible Hate Crime At Argyle Street Red Line Station [September 14: CBS Chicago]
  • Man Wanted For Hate Crime At Red Line Argyle Stop [September 14: NBC Chicago]
  • Man wanted for racial attack at CTA Argyle station; FBI concerned about hate crime rise [September 14: ABC Chicago]
  • Midwest on the Scene: Historic Vautrauvers Building Moved [September 14: Engineering News-Record]
  • Police Search For Man Who Robbed 2 People At Knifepoint On Green Line At Roosevelt Stop [September 14: CBS Chicago]
  • Police seek man who robbed passengers on CTA Green Line train in the Loop at knifepoint [September 14: Fox Chicago]
  • Man fatally hit by train at Red Line Morse stop [September 14: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • 25-Year-Old Struck And Killed By CTA Train At Morse Stop [September 14: Chicago Patch]
  • FBI, CPD Seeking to Identify Man Wanted for 'Potential Hate Crime' at Red Line Station [September 14: WTTW Chicago]
  • Refusing to Wear a Mask on Planes or Public Transit Just Got More Expensive [September 9: NBC Chicago]
  • Chicago police searching for suspect in Argyle CTA station attack [September 9: ABC Chicago]
  • Man wanted for unprovoked attack at Argyle Red Line station [September 8: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Detectives Seek Help Identifying Man Who Struck Person In Head At Uptown CTA Station [September 8: CBS Chicago]
  • West Siders Are Using Public Art To 'Bring A Spice Of Life' To Empty Spaces Near The Pink Line [September 7: Block Club Chicago]
  • CDOT throws Romanelli a bone, promises to look into warning signs for Lake St. tracks [September 4: Streetsblog Chicago]
  • Person dies after falling on to CTA Red Line tracks at Roosevelt station: fire officials [September 4: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Man Dies After Falling Onto Roosevelt Red Line Tracks [September 4: CBS Chicago]
  • Man Armed With Box Cutters Steals Nike Shoes From Blue Line Passenger [September 4: CBS Chicago]
  • Have you seen this man? He's wanted for robbing someone at a CTA station [September 4: Fox Chicago]
  • CTA Will Require All Employees to Receive COVID-19 Vaccination [September 3: CTA press release]
  • CTA to require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, following city and county mandates [September 3: Chicago Tribune]
  • CTA to require all employees get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 [September 3: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • CTA Announces Employees Must Be Vaccinated By Oct. 25 [September 3: CBS Chicago]
  • CTA to Require All Employees Be Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19 [September 3: NBC Chicago]
  • CTA issues COVID vaccine mandate for all employees [September 3: ABC Chicago]
  • 3 People Robbed On CTA Purple Line Train Between Fullerton And Armitage [September 3: CBS Chicago]
  • Developer sees One Central project as where Chicago goes to grow [September 3: Chicago Sun-Times]
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Additional Information

Historic Station Tours: The Chicago Architecture Foundation and the Chicago History Museum provide tours of Chicago's historic rapid transit system, visiting several of Chicago's oldest, most unique, and most architecturally interesting rapid transit facilities, with tours and lectures given at each site. Section also includes information and photos from Chicago-L.org's past tours.

Mishaps and Unusual Occurrences: Described here are some of the accidents, mishaps, and uncustomary circumstances that have befallen the "L".

Frequently Asked Questions: A compilation of common queries.

Vocabulary of the "L": Learn an automatic train signal from a "fool catcher" with our list of vocabulary words and phrases.

Posters and Advertisements: Check out 1920s CRT posters advertising the sights and scenes that Chicagoans could see by taking the elevated and other ads.


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