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Welcome to Chicago "L".org, the internet's largest resource for information on Chicago's rapid transit system!

What's New

Latest Update: July 12, 2024

  • 51st station profile updated with 15 new photos.
  • Austin Green Line station profile updated and expanded, with more detail and information about the station's history and about the planned renovation/accessibility improvements as part of the All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP), and 25 new photos (including updated renderings of the ASAP renovation).
  • Western Brown Line station profile updated and expanded, with additional information about the station's planned renovation, and 3 new renderings of the renovation.

  • O'Hare station profile updated and expanded, with more detail and information about the station's history and design, and 43 new photos.

"L" News Headlines

  • Show them the money: Transit agencies want infusions of cash without reforms [July 12: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Live DJs Return To 95th Street Red Line Station With New Beats [July 12: Block Club Chicago]
  • Blue Line service halted due to object on tracks near Washington Street [July 12: CBS Chicago]
  • Blue Line service delayed between UIC-Halsted and Damen due to police activity: CTA [July 12: ABC Chicago]
  • Chicago police recover fireworks at Blue Line station in the Loop [July 12: Fox Chicago]
  • CTA Updates Rail Timetables to Reflect Increased Weekday Service [July 11: CTA press release]
  • Embattled CTA president starts to add back trains after years of service cuts [July 11: Chicago Tribune]
  • CTAction: It's silly for CTA to update timetables to reflect "more scheduled rail service" when it can't deliver its current schedule [July 11: Streetsblog Chicago]
  • Lifelong Chicagoan speaks out after teens attack him on CTA train: 'a gauntlet of fists' [July 11: Fox Chicago]
  • Transit agency leaders push back on calls to merge Pace, CTA, Metra [July 10: Daily Herald]
  • How can we avoid fiscal derailment? Transit agencies, chambers of commerce take opposite sides on the consolidation debate [July 10: Streetsblog Chicago]
  • CTA, Metra And Pace Leaders Plead For Funding -- Not Merger -- At State Hearing [July 10: Block Club Chicago]
  • Girl, 15, charged in string of CTA beatings, robberies [July 10: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Money please! City, suburban transit bosses resist call to combine agencies, ask for cash instead [July 9: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Illinois state lawmakers discuss proposed merger of 3 mass transit agencies [July 9: CBS Chicago]
  • CTA, Metra, Pace, leaders oppose legislation to merge them into single public transit agency [July 9: ABC Chicago]
  • Chicago-Area Public Transit Leaders Call for Funding Boost, Push Back on Merger Proposal [July 9: WTTW Chicago]
  • CTA, Metra, and Pace ridership have been recovering this year, but still have a long way to go to reach pre-COVID-19 levels. [July 9: Streetsblog Chicago]
  • This CTA train station now hosts local DJs three days a week [July 9: Time Out Chicago]
  • CTA and Local DJs Are Back to Provide Riders a Harmonious Commute with Sounds from the AESOP DJ Booth [July 8: CTA press release]
  • Effort to combine CTA, Metra, Pace gets public hearing on Tuesday [July 8: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Scott Goodman stiffs CTA, Cook County on rent, taxes while leasing to DNC [July 8: The Real Deal]
  • A major shake-up of Metra, CTA and Pace? Now's the time to speak out as public hearings kick off [July 7: Daily Herald]
  • Person armed with knife attacks, robs teen on CTA Orange Line, Chicago police say [July 6: ABC Chicago]
  • The CTA has a four-pronged plan for rebuilding ridership [July 5: Streetsblog Chicago]
  • The CTA's missing riders [July 5: Chicago Reader]
  • The DNC's deadbeat Chicago landlord [July 5: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Man sought in armed robbery at CTA Red Line station on Chicago's South Side [July 4: CBS Chicago]
  • Man used translator app in armed robbery at CTA Red Line station, Chicago police say [July 4: ABC Chicago]
  • Man shot near CTA Orange Line train station [July 3: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Man wounded in shooting at CTA Orange Line stop on Chicago's South Side [July 3: CBS Chicago]
  • Shooting disrupts CTA Orange Line service to Midway airport [July 3: ABC Chicago]
  • Man stabbed on Red Line train in Rogers Park [July 2: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Suspects in February CTA Pink Line attack due back in court [July 2: Fox Chicago]
  • Public hearings coming soon on plan to consolidate CTA, Metra and Pace [July 1: Daily Herald]
  • CTA Red, Brown, Purple Lines delayed due to person on tracks near Belmont Station [July 1: ABC Chicago]
  • Chicago police seek to identify suspect in CTA Blue Line train robbery [June 30: CBS Chicago]
  • Transit ridership sets post-COVID record [June 29: Evanston Now]

Additional Information

Historic Station Tours: The Chicago Architecture Foundation and the Chicago History Museum provide tours of Chicago's historic rapid transit system, visiting several of Chicago's oldest, most unique, and most architecturally interesting rapid transit facilities, with tours and lectures given at each site. Section also includes information and photos from Chicago-L.org's past tours.

Mishaps and Unusual Occurrences: Described here are some of the accidents, mishaps, and uncustomary circumstances that have befallen the "L".

Frequently Asked Questions: A compilation of common queries.

Vocabulary of the "L": Learn an automatic train signal from a "fool catcher" with our list of vocabulary words and phrases.

Posters and Advertisements: Check out 1920s CRT posters advertising the sights and scenes that Chicagoans could see by taking the elevated and other ads.


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