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Note: is not the web site of the Chicago Transit Authority. It is an independent site about the history and background of Chicago's rapid transit system, so information about how to use the system contemporarily is not the focus or purpose of our site.

Travel Information:

For schedules, maps, trip planning, and fare information on-line, go to the CTA's web site at You can also contact CTA Customer Service at 1-888-YOURCTA (1-888-968-7282) or email them at


We do not have any biographical information or records about company employees, either CTA or pre-CTA. It is possible that the CTA might still have some of the old personnel records from the predecessor companies, but it is unlikely (pre-CTA records that were no longer relevant to the Authority's day-to-day operations and that were unlikely to come up in lawsuits tended to be discarded after the Authority took over). You could try and request the information from the CTA, either by contacting the CTA's Human Resources/Personnel Department or by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Click here for find out contact information for those groups.

Otherwise, a better bet might be the Chicago Historical Society. Although they may or may not have the information, they have genealogy specialists that could perhaps help guide your search. They are probably the best place to start your search. Click here to find out more.