Car Roster

A comprehensive look at the "L"
cars through history, from the wooden cars of each of the four original "L" companies to every series of steel/aluminum car since the first ones delivered in 1913. Includes rosters of trailers, motor cars and steam locomotives, operating history and little-known facts; discusses their later conversions after "L" unification; gives their dates of service, manufacturer, routes they serve(d) on and what changes were made from series to series.

Train Gallery

The gallery houses various pictures of every "L"
car type from every period. See wooden trailers and steel cars in operation around the system, images of the North Shore Electroliners that shared the tracks and the CTA's most modern rolling stock in operation, plus behind-the-scenes yard pictures.

Car Liveries

Over the last hundred years, the paint schemes of the "L"
have changed several times, all of which are represented here in charts, diagrams and drawings, including the newest scheme that the CTA is beginning to phase in.

History of Car Assignments

By Bill Vandervoort

This page is a chronological history of the assignments of the "L" various types of rolling stock over the years. [OFF-SITE LINK]

Current CTA Car Assignments

as of November 1, 2018

This roster breaks down the current CTA car assignments by line and includes other useful notes.

Photos and drawings by (top to bottom): Joe Testagrose, Joe Testagrose, Graham Garfied, Joe Testagrose, and Mike Farrell.