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Intellectual Property:

Original contents of this site are the intellectual property of the Chicago-L.org site and its administrator. Numerous resources were used to research the information on this site. We happily acknowledge them and list them on the Bibliography page.

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Chicago-L.org enjoys and welcomes getting submissions from our readers. Indeed, we thrive on submissions and contributions from our readers. If you have a photo or historical information you'd like to submit, please Contact Us and let us know.

Chicago-L.org uses photos in JPG format and our preferred size for photographs is approximately 1024 x 768 pixels, which looks good on screen but is low enough resolution that it discourages people from printing the photos for their own use. (Other images, such as scanned documents or other non-photographic items, might vary in size.) We prefer to stamp our photos in the lower corners with the site address and the photographer's name to further discourage unauthorized use digitally and protect your intellectual property. If you do not wish us to do so, please let us know. We will credit you on the site in the photo's caption as well.

Ownership of your photos and images remains completely with you and you may revoke our permission to use the photo at your discretion.

Please note that Chicago-L.org cannot always guarantee when a photo might be used. Sometimes we are able to use submitted images right away, but sometimes they are filed for later use. If they are not posted right away, do not take this as disinterest or a lack of appreciation. We simply have limited time and resources for site updating and expansion at this time.

Important Notes: Photos that are submitted are not solicited and are submitted at the contributor's own discretion. Chicago-L.org does not give any "assignments". If you are taking photos of the CTA rapid transit system and are asked why, please do not tell them you are doing so for this site, as we do not officially ask anyone to do so for our needs. Any photos you take are for your own purposes at your own choice, but if you would like to submit them to us, we welcome them.

Please use discretion when taking photos on CTA property. Keep safety and common sense in mind at all times. Take photos only of appropriate public areas. Never enter or take photos of private areas or areas not authorized for entry by non-CTA employees. Chicago-L.org will not accept or post photos of nonpublic areas and we frown upon these photos being taken without the CTA's permission. For more information about taking photos on CTA property, go to our FAQ.


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Plus, it's nice nowadays to come across a site without tons of banners and pop-ups, isn't it?