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cta7005_20211104.jpg (207k)
Brown Line run 414 with car 7005 at the lead passes a flagger on the tracks at restricted speed while moving through Barry Interlocking between Wellington and Belmont stations on November 4, 2021. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7003_20211104a.jpg (202k)
Northbound Brown Line run 414, with prototype 7000-series car 7003 at the rear, snakes its way through Barry Interlocking, switching from track 4 to track 3, which is normally the northbound Red Line track, on November 4, 2021. Note that on the 7000s the marker lights on the rear of the train display not only two red markers, indicating it is the rear of the train, but also repeat the front markers that indicate the route of the train. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7003_20211104b.jpg (217k)
7000-series car 7003 trails the rear of a Kimball-bound Brown Line train stopping at Belmont on November 4, 2021. Note the stop sign attached to a track trip on track 4, protecting the track which is out of service for construction. This is during a three-week period when track 4 was closed at Belmont to allow the new Red-Purple Bypass track, which provides a grade-separated flyover of the 4-track North Main Line to allow northbound Brown Line trains onto the Ravenswood branch without conflicting with Red or Purple line trains, to be tied into track 4 north of the station. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7016_20220609a.jpg (207k)
Brand-new 7000-series car 7016 crosses onto CTA property as it is delivered by truck to Skokie Shop from the CRRC factory on the Southeast Side of Chicago on June 9, 2022. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7016_20220609b.jpg (215k)
7000-series car 7016 is in the process of being delivered to Skokie Shop in this view on June 9, 2022. CTA railcars can be moved by truck using specially-designed "low-boy" trailers that sit closer to the roadway to improve clearance under bridges, viaducts and other overhead obstructions, and have rails on the flatbed for the car to sit on. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7016_20220609c.jpg (198k)
The truck carrying newly-built 7000-series car 7016 has arrived at Skokie Shop on June 9, 2022, and personnel are preparing to unload the car from the truck onto a yard track. The specially-designed trailer used to transport the car has rails in the flatbed that the car sits on, and a special rail ramp attachment can bridge the rails on the trailer and a track, allowing the car to be rolled (in a controlled fashion) directly off the truck and onto the CTA tracks. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7014_7017_20220618a.jpg (228k)
Two recently-delivered 7000-series cars, 7014 (right) and 7017 (left), stand outside Skokie Shop on June 18, 2022. In mid-2022, CTA allowed delivery of additional 7000-series units before production officially began as testing of the cars continued. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7014_7017_20220618b.jpg (266k)
Pre-production 7000-series cars 7014 (right) and 7017 (left) are on yard tracks at Skokie Shop, CTA's rail heavy maintenance facility, on June 18, 2022. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7014_7017_6101-02_20220618.jpg (190k)
Looking northeast in the yard behind Skokie Shop, two newly-delivered 7000-series units, 7018-7017 on the left and 7013-7014 behind it, sit near the shop, while Heritage Fleet 6000-series cars 6101-6102 are stored on another track farther back, on June 18, 2022. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta7015_20220618.jpg (??k)
Newly-delivered 7000-series car 7015 and its mate, 7016, behind it, are inside Skokie Shop on June 18, 2022, undergoing acceptance inspection and testing, verifying that the car is correctly built to specifications before CTA officially accepts it from the manufacturer. (Photo by Graham Garfield)