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cta7005_20210400.jpg (308k)
The interior of 7000-series car 7005, looking toward the front end from next to the #3 side door -- partially through the patterned windscreen next to the door -- in April 2021. This image accompanied the CTA's press release about the 7000s entering revenue service testing. (Photo courtesy of the CTA)
cta7008_20210421.jpg (565k)
Car 7008 leads an 8-car train of 7000-series prototype cars in revenue service stopped at Chicago station on the Blue Line on April 21, 2021. This was the cars' first day of operation in passenger service. The Chicago/Milwaukee subway station had been renovated the previous year. (Photo provided to Chicago-L.org)

cta7002_20210421a.jpg (369k)
The 8-car train of 7000-series prototype cars, led by car 7002, is northbound at Sayre Avenue on the Blue Line approaching Harlem station on April 21, 2021. The 7000s' first in-service testing assignment was to the Blue Line, and this was their first day in passenger service. The cars remained on the Blue Line through Friday, May 21. (Photo by Lou Gerard)

cta7003_20210421.jpg (336k)
An 8-car test train of prototype 7000-series cars with car 7003 at the lead is in passenger service traveling southbound on the Blue Line approaching the Oriole Avenue bridge, having just left Cumberland, on April 21, 2021. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
cta7002_20210421b.jpg (336k)
Seen looking southeast from the Sayre Avenue bridge, the eight prototype 7000-series cars delivered so far to CTA are operating as an in-service test train on April 21, 2021, as the train approaches Harlem station in the Kennedy Expressway median on the Blue Line. Car 7002 brings up the rear of the train. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
cta7000s_20210521a.jpg (152k)
The 8-car test train of 7000-series prototype cars sits at O'Hare terminal between passenger trips on the Blue Line on May 21, 2021. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
cta7000s_20210521b.jpg (152k)
The cavernous O'Hare station at the north end of the Blue Line is seen from the fare control mezzanine while the 8-car train of 7000-series prototype cars sits in the track 1 platform track between passenger trips on May 21, 2021. The 7000-series prototypes were in passenger service testing on the Blue Line from April 21 to May 21. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
cta7003_20210526a.jpg (215k)
After testing on the Blue Line, the 7000-series cars moved to the Pink Line for in-service testing starting May 24, 2021. Two days later, on May 26, car 7003 is at the front of a 4-car train waiting its scheduled departure time to leave the terminal at 54th/Cermak. The train was just keyed up, so the LED destination signs are not booted up yet. Because the Pink Line only runs 4-cat trains, additional 7000-series cars were available for training and testing. Revenue service testing on the Pink Line wrapped up on Friday, June 11. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta7003_20210526_int1.jpg (242k)
The interior of 7000-series prototype car 7003 is seen on May 26, 2021 while it is in service on the Pink Line (despite the Blue Line route map displayed over the door; the digital display in the middle of the car over the aisle shows the correct route). (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta7003_20210526_int2.jpg (222k)
Passengers are spread out inside prototype 7000-series car 7003, lead car of 4-car Pink Line run 304 on its way to the Loop on May 26, 2021. (Photo by Graham Garfield)