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cta5001_1949.jpg.jpg (33k)
In 1947-48, Pullman and St. Louis both built two artics to Chicago clearances. Here, they are being tested on the Metropolitan "L" on May 24, 1949. The 5000-series, which they were dubbed, were used for years on the Evanston and Ravenswood lines. They were then reassigned to the Skokie Swift. (Photo from the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

cta51-54s.jpg (21k)
A 5000 series PCC car emerges from the Ridge Avenue overpass on the Skokie Swift line. (Photo from CTA at 45)

cta5001int.jpg (34k)
Interior of car 5001, as built by Pullman in 1947. Conductors door controls are in their original positions in the center of the entranceways. Also visible in the center of the car in the floor is the circular floor plate that permitted easy passage over the articulated joints. 5001, one of only four of the 5000-series made, is currently housed at the Fox River Trolley Museum in South Elgin, Illinois and is the only car of the 5000-series still in working condition. (Photo from the CERA Collection)

crt5001.jpg (72k)
Car 5001, restored to its original silver/red Chicago Rapid Transit paint scheme, speeds along the old CA&E Fox River Line at the Fox River Trolley Museum in the Summer of 1998. The destination sign reads "Douglas Pk./Via Elevated". (Photo by Graham Garfield)

crt5001bjpg (51k)
A head-on view of car 5001 at the Fox River Trolley Museum in the Summer of 1998. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta5001.jpg (132k)
Car 5001, in its original CRT silver and maroon livery, is seen at FRTM in this interesting three-quarters view on April 30, 2000. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)

cta51.jpg (44k)
A shot of car 51 (aka 5001) in the green/cream/orange livery heading south on the Skokie Swift. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta5002.jpg (51k)
Chicago Transit Authority 5002, operating the Ravenswood "A" service, approaches Clark & Lake on the Outer Loop in June, 1964. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta53a.jpg (79k)
Articulated PCC car 53 (originally 5003) is shown at its home at the Monticello & Sangamon Valley Railway Museum in Monticello, Illinois in 1999, positioned near the back of the museum. It still bears the Spirit of Chicago scheme it was retired in. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

crt5001c.jpg (311k)
Car 5001 was recorded for posterity in 1947 after it rolled off the assembly line at the Pullman Car Company on 111th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue on Chicago's South Side. In its original maroon and silver scheme, 5001 represented a revolution in "L" car design as it glistened in the September sun. (Photo from the Collection of George Krambles)