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After Dodge station closed, the station house was converted to a commercial space. The tenant was the appropriately named North Shore Electrical Supply, sitting under the tracks that formerly carried the North Shore Line interurban. The tracks were reborn as the CTA's Skokie Swift, and car 54, in its Bicentennial paint scheme, passes overhead on July 1, 1977. Though all the windows were bricked over, features like the terra cotta pilasters, cornice, and cartouches and globed light fixtures remained, giving away its heritage. (Photo from the Scott Greig Collection)

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Articulated 5000-series car 5001, shining in its original silver and red livery, is stopped on track 3 side of the island platform at Halsted, circa the early 1950s. (Photo by Jim Northcutt, from the Illinois Railway Museum Collection)