Miscellaneous "L" Accidents

CTA Era (1947-2000)


The following are less serious incidents that have occasionally occurred on the "L" between the formation of the Chicago Transit Authority in 1947 and the present. These may include situations in which there was very little damage or injury and incidents that caused little or no disruption of service. Also included here are those incidents which may indeed be of a serious nature, but of which we have too little specific information to create an individual page for that particular incident.

This is not an exhaustive list of accidents and mishaps that have occurred on the "L" over the last hundred years. There are, indeed, a good handful of incidents that are not listed on the site. Mostly, incidents that are omitted aren't listed because we do not know about them or have too little information to discuss them accurately and authoritatively, and in the interest of fairness we will not list incidents for which there is not corroborated information. At a later date this page will be updated as more research can be undertaken on additional incidents. If you believe you know of an incident that is not listed below, feel free to contact us and we will add it to our roster of information to be investigated at a later date.


* = Ed.: Further details are not known or exact date unknown.
? = Ed.: Date uncertain.




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