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Welcome to Chicago "L".org, the internet's largest resource for information on Chicago's rapid transit system!

Today in "L" history...

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the start of "L" service this year, we present these events that occured on this date, October 19:

  • No historical events of significance happened today...

What's New

Latest Update: August 31, 2017

  • Washington/Wabash station profile updated with new info.
  • Quincy station profile updated with new info.
  • Garfield Green Line station profile updated with new info.

"L" News Headlines

  • Ride-sharing services like Uber cutting into public transit use in Chicago, elsewhere: study [October 18: Chicago Tribune]
  • Uber, Lyft (And Cheap Gas) Are Hurting CTA Ridership, Agency Says [October 18: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Photos released in robbery of 81-year-old at Loop CTA 'L' station [October 18: Chicago Tribune]
  • Suspect Robs Elderly Man, Who Tumbles Down CTA Staircase [October 18: CBS Chicago]
  • Man, 81, badly injured during robbery at CTA Brown Line station [October 18: ABC Chicago]
  • 81-Year-Old Man Pushed Down CTA Stairs, Hospitalized After Loop Robbery [October 18: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Cubs, CTA get mocked by Los Angeles transit and others [October 18: Chicago Tribune]
  • CTA, CPS big winners in new city budget [October 18: Crain's Chicago Business]
  • Emanuel to increase ride-hailing fees, give extra money raised to CTA [October 17: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • New Tax On Uber, Lyft Would Pay For CTA Improvements, Rahm Says [October 17: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Man wanted by police in violent robbery of 70-year-old on Red Line [October 17: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Police: Man, 70, beaten and robbed on CTA Red Line [October 17: ABC Chicago]
  • Man Found Unconscious On CTA Awakens After 2 Months, IDs Attacker: Police [October 17: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Red And Purple Modernization Meeting Rescheduled to Monday [October 17: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Explosion Of Murals In Lincoln Park Continues Under Armitage CTA Stop [October 17: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • CTA To Hold Two Red and Purple Modernization (RPM) Transit-Oriented Development Plan Meetings, But Will Reschedule One Because of Cubs Playoff Game [October 16: CTA press release]
  • Victim of CTA pushing identifies suspect in court as his attacker [October 16: Chicago Tribune]
  • 'I Think He's Trying To Kill Me,' Man Pushed On CTA Subway Tracks Testifies [October 16: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • 95th Street Station Bus Boarding To Change During Construction [October 16: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Rider Flags Problems At Brand New Loop L Station [October 13: CBS Chicago]
  • $57 million grant helps city move forward with State-Lake 'L' station rehab [October 13: Chicago Tribune]
  • Removal of old CTA station to close Randolph Street in Loop [October 13: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Dan Ryan lane closures start Saturday for CTA construction [October 12: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • CTA lands $57 million to rebuild State/Lake el stop [October 12: Crain's Chicago Business]
  • New 'L' Stop Is Coming To State and Lake [October 12: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Man Charged In Blue Line Attack Can Use CTA While Out On Bail [October 12: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Your Dan Ryan Commute Is About To Get Slower, Southwest Siders [October 12: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Suspect in CTA pushing is bailed out of jail by wife [October 11: Chicago Tribune]
  • NU Ph.D. grad charged with shoving stranger onto L tracks free on bond [October 11: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Man Accused Of Pushing Stranger Onto CTA Tracks Released From Jail [October 11: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • Red Line trains stopped twice in half-hour because of people on tracks [October 10: Chicago Tribune]
  • CTA Construction Work to Require Dan Ryan Lane Closures at 95th Street [October 10: CTA press release]
  • Dan Ryan lanes to be closed near 95th Street Oct. 14 to 29 for CTA project [October 10: The Beverly Review]
  • Northwestern Ph.D. grad charged with pushing man onto CTA tracks in Loop [October 10: Chicago Tribune]
  • Neuroscientist Charged With Shoving Stranger Onto Blue Line Subway Tracks [October 10: CBS Chicago]
  • Man Charged With Attempted Murder For Pushing Stranger Onto CTA Tracks: Police [October 10: NBC Chicago]
  • Suspect pushed man onto CTA Blue Line tracks, wouldn't allow him back on platform, police say [October 10: ABC Chicago]
  • CPD: Man Who Pushed Stranger onto CTA Tracks Faces Attempted Murder Charge [October 10: WTTW Chicago]
  • Alleged CTA Pusher's Lawyer Says 'It's A Shame' Neuroscientist Got Charged [October 10: DNAinfo Chicago]
  • CTA's cloth seat coverings, source of public transit horror stories, might be replaced [October 9: Chicago Reader]
  • Mayor Confirms Renovations to Cottage Grove Green Line Station [October 9: The Chicago Maroon]
  • Man charged after dropping gun on CTA tracks in Bridgeport: Police [October 7: Chicago Sun-Times]
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Additional Information

Historic Station Tours: The Chicago Architecture Foundation and the Chicago History Museum provide tours of Chicago's historic rapid transit system, visiting several of Chicago's oldest, most unique, and most architecturally interesting rapid transit facilities, with tours and lectures given at each site. Section also includes information and photos from Chicago-L.org's past tours.

Mishaps and Unusual Occurrences: Described here are some of the accidents, mishaps, and uncustomary circumstances that have befallen the "L".

Frequently Asked Questions: A compilation of common queries.

Vocabulary of the "L": Learn an automatic train signal from a "fool catcher" with our list of vocabulary words and phrases.

Posters and Advertisements: Check out 1920s CRT posters advertising the sights and scenes that Chicagoans could see by taking the elevated and other ads.


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