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Welcome to Chicago "L".org, the internet's largest resource for information on Chicago's rapid transit system!

Today in "L" history...

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the start of "L" service this year, we present these events that occured on this date, December 12:

  • 1974: Rebuilt fare control areas in both directions at Kedzie/Lake opened.
  • 2004: Racine inspection shop closed as part of service economy program. Later used for car cleaning, and occassional light maintenance.
  • 2004: Linden inspection shop closed as part of service economy program. Facility to be used for rail maintenance training activities. Shop later periodically reactiviated for various programs and initiatives.

What's New

Latest Update: November 20, 2017

  • Wilson station profile updated with 2 new photos.
  • Thorndale station profile updated with expanded info about its establishment and 1 new photo of the original, temporary station.
  • State/Lake station profile updated with new info about the planned new station.
  • Randolph/Wabash station profile updated with new info about its demolition.
  • Leland Interlocking profile updated with new info about its removal.
  • Howard Yard profile updated with new info about its renovation and expansion circa 1990.

"L" News Headlines

  • Chicago Transit Authority updating Ventra transit payment card [December 12, 2017: Chicago Business Journal]
  • Police: Man accused of stealing iPhone on Pink Line [December 12, 2017: Chicago Tribune]
  • Man charged with stealing woman's iPhone on Pink Line [December 12, 2017: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Police: Man hit, killed by Orange Line train in McKinley Park [December 12: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Give The Gift Of Chicago: A Holiday Gift Guide For The Chi-Obsessed [December 11, 2017: WBEZ Chicago]
  • CPD increases patrols around CTA, Metra after New York explosion [December 11: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • CTA Unveils New Look for Ventra Cards, Launches Educational Campaign on Card Replacement for Expiring Ventra Cards [December 11: CTA press release]
  • Some Ventra Cards Set To Expire At End Of December [December 11: CBS Chicago]
  • What You Need to Know: First Round of Ventra Cards Set to Expire [December 11: NBC Chicago]
  • Here's what to do if your CTA Ventra card is expiring [December 11: ABC Chicago]
  • New year, new Ventra cards [December 11: Chicago Tribune]
  • Non-Profit's Goal To Strengthen Racial Equity With Transit-Oriented Development [December 8: CBS Chicago]
  • Where the L am I? CTA left riders stranded in rail yards [December 8: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Cops release photos of suspect in CTA Blue Line sexual abuse incident [December 8: Chicago Tribune]
  • Police release surveillance images of suspect in Blue Line groping [December 8: ABC Chicago]
  • Normal Red Line service resumes after Loop derailment [December 8: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Train derails in State Street subway, no injuries reported [December 7: Chicago Tribune]
  • Chicago Subway Train Derails, No Injuries Reported [December 7: CBS Chicago]
  • Train Derails Near Lake Street Stop, Red Line Rerouted: CTA [December 7: NBC Chicago]
  • CTA: Southbound Red Line trains temporarily rerouted after derailment [December 7: ABC Chicago]
  • Woman robbed, sexually abused at Blue Line station on West Side: Cops [December 7: Chicago Tribune]
  • CTA Moves Forward on Transformational Red and Purple Modernization Program (RPM) By Selecting Short List of Qualified Contracting Teams [December 7: CTA press release]
  • Man falls on tracks at South Side Red Line station, critically injured [December 6: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • CTA raises fares for 2018, cites state budget cuts [December 4: Columbia Chronicle]
  • Man Seriously Hurt After Falling Onto CTA Tracks [December 3: NBC Chicago]
  • Man hit by Blue Line train after falling from platform on West Side [December 2: Chicago Tribune]
  • Person struck by CTA Blue Line train [December 2: Chicago Sun-Times]
  • CTA Blue Line train strikes person on West Side [December 2: ABC Chicago]
  • Express train service to O'Hare? It's best kept private [December 1: Crain's Chicago Business]
  • Man charged in NW Side beating, robbery of woman followed from CTA stop [December 1: ABC Chicago]
  • CTA Announces Latest Milestone in Wilson Station Reconstruction Project [November 30: CTA press release]
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Additional Information

Historic Station Tours: The Chicago Architecture Foundation and the Chicago History Museum provide tours of Chicago's historic rapid transit system, visiting several of Chicago's oldest, most unique, and most architecturally interesting rapid transit facilities, with tours and lectures given at each site. Section also includes information and photos from Chicago-L.org's past tours.

Mishaps and Unusual Occurrences: Described here are some of the accidents, mishaps, and uncustomary circumstances that have befallen the "L".

Frequently Asked Questions: A compilation of common queries.

Vocabulary of the "L": Learn an automatic train signal from a "fool catcher" with our list of vocabulary words and phrases.

Posters and Advertisements: Check out 1920s CRT posters advertising the sights and scenes that Chicagoans could see by taking the elevated and other ads.


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