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The Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Electric Railroad, owned by CRT chairman Sam Insull, was allowed to run trains over the "L" as part of reciprocal agreement between the two companies starting in 1925. The vast majority of the electric railroad's North Shore trains ran on a private right-of-way which ran next to the Northwestern commuter railroad. But, in Wilmette and Milwaukee, the trains ran for short distances in city streets, as this one does in Milwaukee in 1958. (Photo by Joe Testagrose) Thanks to J.J. Sedelmaier for correcting an error I originally made in the caption for this picture.

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As part of an agreement between companies, the "L" ran over the North Shore Electric Line's Skokie Valley route and the interurban line's Electroliners could run over the "L" into the Loop and down to Jackson Park. This one enters the Loop at Tower #18 (Lake/Wells) on April 14, 1957. The North Shore Line folded in 1963. (Photo from the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

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A three-car train of North Shore Line Silverliners, led by car 251, the only Silverliner combine, is heading north near Webster in 1962. The interurban used the North Side "L" to enter downtown Chicago beginning in 1919; in less than a year, it would abandoned service. (Photo by Jim Northcutt from the IRM Collection, courtesy of Peter Vesic)
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North Shore Line coach 711, a 1924 product of the Cincinnati Car Company, is leading a train heading north on Track 2 near Touhy on April 14, 1957. In an earlier modernization program, the car was given the green, red, and gray-roof exterior paint scheme, a livery common to the fleet through the end of service five years later. (Photo by Jim Northcutt from the IRM Collection, courtesy of Peter Vesic)
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Coach 738 is in an unusual location -- in Buena Yard, on the incline up to the elevated tracks. The occasion for bringing the passenger car down to the freight yard was CERA fantrip #21 -- fan inspection trips often went to unusual locations for purposes of interest, novelty, and interesting photo opportunities. Built by Pullman in 1928, this car has gone through the "Skokie Valley Modernization" program inaugurated in 1940 and has been repainted in the "Greenliner" livery. (Photo from the Lou Gerard Collection)
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Locomotive 451 was one of two 36-1/2 ton steeple cabs built by General Electric for the North Shore Line in 1907. Seen with a merchandise despatch car near the Montrose freight house in Lower Wilson Yard, 451 and its twin, 450, handled all sorts of freight and work duties between 1907 and 1948. (Photo from the Lou Gerard Collection)
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Electric freight locomotive 450 is on the ferry truck loading ramp south of Montrose in Buena Yard, with the flatcars for the "piggyback" containers coupled to the locomotive on the left. The unit still has the carrier lettered on its side, rather than the North Shore Line herald it would later have. Locomotive 450 would be sold to the Commonwealth Edison Company in 1948, a year after merchandise despatch service ended. (Photo from the Lou Gerard Collection)
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The North Shore Line purchased 20 new double end door merchandise despatch cars in 1920, built by the Cincinnati Car Co., to expand their express freight business. Four of the cars, 209-212, were used for a public service advertising campaign during World War II and received identical red, white, and blue paint jobs promoting the purchase of U.S bonds for the war effort. Car 209 is seen on the Loop near Adams/Wabash. (Photo from the Lou Gerard Collection)
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With the success of the North Shore Line's express package service, additional cars were needed. Bought between 1922-24 from the Cincinnati Car Co., in a change from the previous 203-class express cars, the 215-class cars had a single freight door located in the center of the car instead of two doors at each end. Merchandise despatch car 227 is seen in Lower 63rd Yard with the ramp up to the Jackson Park branch elevated on the left. (Photo from the Lou Gerard Collection)
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A single 215-series merchandise despatch car is seen in Lower Wilson Yard. After less-than-carload freight service ceased in 1947, many MD cars were put in work service performing various utility chores for the interurban. The concrete structure of the lead connecting Buena Yard to the elevated is seen in the background. (Photo from the Lou Gerard Collection)