Car 5000 Prototype Gallery



This a complete mockup of car 5000, a prototype for a new series, at the Skokie Shops. Though never adopted, it is interesting to note the similarities between its double-ended design and the similar approach on the 6000 series. (Photo from the CTA Collection)


A profile view of car 5000. The differences between car 5000 and the cars of the 5000 series (5001-5004) are obvious; in fact, 5000 more closely resembles cars of the 6000 and 2000 series, with their bulging sides and tapered ends. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

crt5000int.jpg (top)

crt5000int2.jpg (middle)

crt5000int3.jpg (bottom)

Detail views of the unusual model indicate the tremendous amount of original thought that went into planning the new equipment; many of the features we consider "modern" today can be seen to have their origins better than 30 years ago in a corner of Skokie Shops: the bulging sides, quarter-point doors and tapered ends are contemporary design elements for Chicago equipment. Chicago Rapid Transit Company engineers experimented in the "model" with a variety of interior appointments, all within the confines of a single unit: longitudinal and transverse seating configurations, different types of overhead lighting, wider seats (note the "extensions") and modesty paneling. Even the train door handles that later became standard were first applied here. (Photo from the CTA Collection)