In return for allowing the addition of a third express track, the city required the demolition of the original brick station houses north of 43rd Street and substitution of mezzanine-level facilities. 31st Street is a representative sample. (Photo by Charles E. Keevil, from the Walter R. Keevil Collection)

31st Street (3100S/1E)
31st Street near State Street, Douglas

Service Notes:

South Side Division

Quick Facts:

Address: TBD
Established: June 6, 1892
Original Line: South Side Rapid Transit
Skip-Stop Type: n/a
Rebuilt: n/a
Status: Demolished


31st Street was one of the original ten stations of Chicago's first "L" line, the South Side Rapid Transit. The original station building was a grade-level structure built in 1892, though it's not entirely certain what its design looked like. (Most likely, it was a simple building resembling 39th Street.)

In 1907, as part of an ordinance to allow the South Side Line to install a third track for express service, all stations north of 43rd Street, including this one, were required to replace their grade-level facilities with mezzanine-level stations, clearing the alley way beneath the tracks. Because the tracks' original elevation was not built with the height clearance of mezzanine-level stations in mind, the portions of the trestle at station locations had to be slightly raised, creating roller coaster-like humps in the structure. The occasional rise and descend can still be seen in the South Side Green Line's tracks.

The station was one of 23 Howard, Jackson Park, Englewood and Ravenswood stations closed (including 18th, 26th, 29th, 31st, and 39th, among others) August 1, 1949 as part of the CTA's institution of A/B skip stop service on the North-South Route. It was eventually demolished.

In December 1993, while the CTA was considering various plans for the Green Line renovation, one was to close stations at 35th, Indiana and others, but open a new one at 31st Street. This never came to pass.