Thorndale Tower
Thorndale Avenue and Broadway, Edgewater

Service Notes:

Red Line: Howard

Quick Facts:

Established: 2020
Original Line: n/a
Rebuilt: n/a
Status: Planned



As part of the CTA's Red-Purple Modernization Program (RPM), a new interlocking is planned to be installed at Thorndale. RPM's Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization (LBMM) project includes replacement of the four-track embankment between Leland Avenue (south of Lawrence station) and Ardmore Avenue (between Bryn Mawr and Thorndale stations) with a new elevated structure, which would be built in halves (referred to as Stage A and Stage B by the project) so that two tracks can remain in service through the construction zone at all times. To achieve this, new interlockings are needed at the north and south ends of this zone to merge and sort trains transitioning between the 4-track and 2-track zones.

The interlocking at the north end of the LBMM area will be at Thorndale Avenue, south of the station. The new interlocking will include three diamond crossovers -- a pair between tracks 1 and 2 and between tracks 3 and 4 at the north end of the interlocking plant, and one between tracks 2 and 3 at the south end -- and a new tower.

The plan also includes the decommissioning of the existing Granville Interlocking and removal of the interlocked switches as well as the existing hand-throw switches at that location.

Construction of the new Thorndale Interlocking is planned to occur in 2020.


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