33rd (3300S/1E)
33rd Street and Wabash Avenue, Douglas

Service Notes:

North-South Route: Englewood-Jackson Park

Quick Facts:

Address: TBD
Established: June 6, 1892
Original Line: South Side Rapid Transit
Previous Names: none
Skip-Stop Type: n/a
Rebuilt: 1907
Status: Demolished


33rd Street was one of the original ten stations of Chicago's first "L" line, the South Side Rapid Transit. The original station building was a grade-level structure built in 1892.

In 1907, as part of an ordinance to allow the South Side line to install a third track for express service, all stations north of 43rd Street, including this one, were required to replace their grade-level facilities with mezzanine-level stations, clearing the alley beneath the tracks. This required relocation of the northbound platforms between 18th and 39th Streets and raising of the structure (with grades of up to 1.44% at some stations to compensate for the change in elevation) to gain sufficient clearance for the mezzanine facilities. The mezzanine facility was a fairly simple structure, constructed of sheet metal with simple ornamentation.

On August 1, 1949, the CTA instituted its North-South Route service service revision, encompassing the Howard, Jackson Park, Englewood and Ravenswood routes. Along with creating new through-routes and services and instituting A/B skip stop service, 23 stations were closed along those lines. Most of the other Near South Side stations, such as 18th, 26th, 29th, 31st, and 39th, were shuttered, but 33rd station was spared, despite being adjacent to 35th, another station kept open. The station's location adjacent to the Illinois Institute of Technology may have been the reason why. A walkway built from 33rd's northbound side platform to 35th's northbound side platform, connecting the two stations and making 33rd an auxiliary entrance to 35th.

A new center island platform was built for Tech-35th station, completed and opened in June 1961. Tech-35th's southbound side platform was closed, but northbound platform was retained for a short period to act was a walkway to the 33rd auxiliary entrance/exit. However, this continued only until September of that year. At that time, a simple auxiliary entrance/exit for Tech-35th was built at 34th Street with access directly to the new island platform. On September 25, 1961, the 33rd entrance, walkway, and old northbound platform were closed. They were eventually demolished.



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