Ridgeland (400W/900S)
Ridgeland Avenue and Harrison Street, Village of Oak Park

Service Notes:

Garfield Line

Quick Facts:

Address: TDB
Established: September 6, 1957
Original Line: Metropolitan West Side Elevated, Garfield Park branch
Previous Names: none
Skip-Stop Type: n/a
Rebuilt: n/a
Status: Demolished


The Ridgeland station on the Garfield Line was a temporary facility opened during the construction of the Congress Superhighway [Eisenhower Expressway] and replacement Congress Line.

On September 6, 1957, westbound Garfield Line trains shifted to a second set of temporary tracks from Austin to west of Oak Park, further north than the first temporary alignment. Concurrent with the move to the second temporary alignment west of Austin, the Gunderson westbound platform closed and the temporary Ridgeland island platform opened. On September 19, eastbound trains were also rerouted via the temporary tracks, closing the Gunderson eastbound platform, and eastbound trains began using the Ridgeland island platform.

Just under three years later, the permanent Congress Line right-of-way was ready. On March 19, 1960, the permanent eastbound Congress Line track was placed in service between Waller and Desplaines in open cut alongside site of future expressway. The next day, on March 20, the permanent westbound track was also placed in service. At that time, the temporary Ridgeland station closed. No replacement station was built at or near Ridgeland on the permanent Congress Line.



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