Miscellaneous "L" Accidents
various dates


In addition to the few and far between accidents of a more serious nature that have occasionally occurred on the "L", there have also been a number of other incidents, some less serious. These may include situations in which there was very little damage or injury and incidents that caused little or no disruption of service. Also included here are those incidents which may indeed be of a serious nature, but of which we have too little specific information to create an individual page for that particular incident.

Not included in this list at this time are car fires. At one time, these happened relatively frequently as a result of vandalism (especially with the wooden cars) and thus are not included since, except for the damage to the equipment, they didn't represent a serious danger to the public. The exception to this are those fires that took place while the cars were in revenue service and involved any type of injury to the train's passengers.


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