The Sting

Joliet banker and racketeer Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw) is tricked out of a large sum of money by con artist Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) and his partner (Robert Earl Jones), but when his accomplice is murdered, Hooker swears revenge. He contacts Jones' friend Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman), a master con man in Chicago now down on his luck. Gondorff puts a plan into operation in which he beats Lonnegan at poker during a game on a train, using Hooker to lure Lonnegan to his phony Chicago betting parlor. Hooker is constantly hounded by crooked Chicago Police Lieutenant William Snyder (Charles Durning) and the last act involves one last con that no one predicts!

A lot of the movie takes place in Chicago, so there's one shots of, scenes on and discussion of the "L". Below are a selection of QuickTime movie clips, sound files and pictures from the film. Below that, there's a list of random facts about the movie.

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43rd6.jpg (large version)

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  • driving.jpg: Lieutenant Snyder chases Hooker by car beneath the "L".
  • running.jpg: Hooker runs down the alley, next to the 43rd Street station.
  • outside.jpg: Hooker turns and enters the 43rd Street station.
  • inside1.jpg: Hooker runs inside the 43rd Street station to evade Lt. Snyder.
  • inside2.jpg: Hooker jumps the turnstile and runs up the stairs to the platform.
  • 43rd1.jpg: Hooker runs onto the 43rd Street "L" platform.
  • 43rd2.jpg: Hooker runs down the platform.
  • 43rd3.jpg: Hooker realizes he's trapped on the platform...
  • 43rd4.jpg: ...chased by Lieutenant Snyder...
  • 43rd5.jpg: he climbs onto the canopy roof and runs the other way!
  • 43rd6.jpg: Hooker leaps off the canopy to the street below...
  • 43rd7.jpg: ... and eludes Lieutenant Snyder, who's stuck up on the platform.
  • el1.jpg: An establishing shot of Chicago, with the "L" in it.
  • el2.jpg: Outside the hotel, the "L" runs down the adjacent street.
  • el3.jpg: At night, Hooker strolls by the "L".
  • el4.jpg: A train passes by the hotel on the "L".

Facts about the movie