Mercury Rising

In Mercury Rising, Bruce Willis plays Agent Art Jeffries, an outcast FBI agent who is assigned to protect a 9 year old autistic boy who is the target of United States government assassins after he cracks a new top secret government code in a crossword puzzle book.

The movie takes place in Chicago, and there's one scene on the "L", when Willis and the boy flee government agents on the Kennedy Expressway. Below are a selection of sound files and pictures from the film. Below that, there's a list of random facts about the movie. (All clips and pictures are © 1998 Universal Pictures)


pic9.jpg (large version)

  • pic1.jpg (47k): Simon Lynch wanders onto the tracks of the O'Hare Blue with a 2200-series train bearing down on him.
  • pic2.jpg (42k): Two 2200s pass each other.
  • pic3.jpg (40k): Jeffries crouches with Simon between two 2200s.
  • pic4.jpg (41k): The 2200 passes Jeffries and stops.
  • pic5.jpg (51k): A CTA crewman opens a door and leans out, seeing what's going on.
  • pic6.jpg (42k): After boarding the train, Simon studies a colorful CTA map while Jeffries catches his breath.
  • pic7.jpg (43k): The train pulls into a station.
  • pic8.jpg (39k): An assassin moves into Jeffries' car.
  • pic9.jpg (34k): Jeffries hangs onto the car by a handrail after throwing the assassin off.



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