The Fugitive

If you've not seen The Fugitive, you've been living under a rock. But, for those of you who don't know it, the story goes like this: Dr. Richard Kimble's (Harrison Ford) wife is murdered by a one-armed man (Andreas Katsulus), but Kimble is blamed for the crime and sent to jail. In a freak accident, he manages to escape and while being pursued by Federal Marshal Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), he searches for his wife's killer and the mastermind behond it.

A lot of the movie takes place in Chicago, so there's one shots of, scenes on and discussion of the "L". Below are a selection of QuickTime movie clips, sound files and pictures from the film. Below that, there's a list of random facts about the movie. (All clips and pictures are © 1993 Warner Brothers)

A shot from

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Kimble comes onto an "L" platform (larger)

Kimble boards a Kimball- Belmont "L" train (larger)

An aerial shot of the Harrison Street curve (larger)

Kimble reviewing some papers on the "L" (larger)

Facts about the movie