The following are the complete Transit Card regulations, posted on CTA trains and buses:

CTA Transit Card/Reduced Fare Permit Regulations

1. All fares are deducted from Transit Cards when inserted into a card reader on a farebox or turnstile upon entering a bus or rail station. A base fare is deducted on the first ride, a transfer fare is deducted on the second ride within two hours of the first ride, and a third ride is allowed at no additional fare within two hours of the first ride. A second base fare will be deducted if the Transit Card is used twice in a row on the same bus route or rail station during the pass back period. The pass back period lasts about 15 minutes and occurs just after each use of a Transit Card.

2. Up to seven individuals can use one Transit Card to pay their fares for the same trip and maintain transfer eligibility as described in #1 above. This feature does not apply to Reduced Fare Permits. An ADA Paratransit Reduced Fare Permit allows one attendant to accompany a disabled individual on a bus or train and pay a reduced fare.

3. There is no Express Surcharge when a fare is paid using a Transit Card or Reduced Fare Permit.

4. Transit Cards rejected by fare collecting equipment for other than insufficient value, including expired, invalidated, and counterfeit transit cards, will be confiscated by CTA personnel or equipment.

5. All Transit Card regulations apply to CTA or RTA Reduced Fare Permits, except where noted. Reduced Fare Permits used by persons other than to whom issued will be confiscated and violators will be subject to prosecution.

6. Valid Transit Cards are issued only by CTA vending machines or authorized sales outlets.

7. Value can be added to Transit Cards at CTA vending machines up to a total value of $100. Vending machines accept all currency up to a $20.00 bill and all coins except pennies and half dollars.

8. Value from two or more Transit Cards cannot be used to pay one fare or consolidated onto one Transit Card.

9. CTA will not refund any Transit Card for cash.

10. CTA is not responsible for lost or stolen Transit Cards.

11. The Transit Card expiration date is printed on the Transit Card. Expired Transit Cards will not be refunded.

12. In the event of CTA equipment malfunction or Transit Card malfunction, the customer has 7 days to make a claim for lost value on a Transit Card.

13. Special $1.00 Shuttle fares may not be paid with a Transit Card.

14. All Transit Cards are property of CTA.

15. Anyone using a Transit Card in violation of these regulations is subject to a fine of $200.00 for each offense.

16. CTA reserves the right to change the above regulations at any time without advanced notice.