Franklin Terminal (300W/314S)
Franklin Street between Jackson Blvd. and Van Buren Street, Loop

Service Notes:

Metropolitan West Side Elevated

Quick Facts:

Address: TBD
Established: May 6, 1895
Original Line: Metropolitan West Side Elevated
Previous Names: none
Skip-Stop Type: n/a
Rebuilt: n/a
Status: Demolished


A terminal at Fifth Avenue -- the name of Wells Street from 1870 to 1916 -- was always part of the plan for the Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad, included even in the wording of its franchise. The cost of land acquisition and construction would prove too high for the "L" company in the beginning, however. As a stopgap, a small, compact terminal at Franklin Street (one block west) was built.

The Franklin Terminal was in use for just for less than three years between 1895 and 1897. In 1897, the Loop opened and all Met trains were routed there. At this time, the Franklin terminal was apparently demolished. There are no known photos of what the Franklin Terminal looked like.

Soon, however, the Loop reached operating capacity and trains were being turned back at Canal Street, west of the Chicago River. This was by no means ideal, so the Met revived its plans for a terminal at Fifth Avenue, this time to augment the Loop as an auxiliary terminal facility. In mid-1902, the city council granted the Met approval to construct a four-track terminal at Fifth Avenue, just south of Jackson Boulevard. The Fifth Avenue Terminal opened on October 3, 1904.



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